Grant Sourcing

Our aim is

To offer you honest independent advice and realistic approach to identifying and obtaining grant aid for your business.

We will

We will start by gaining an understanding of your future plans and present you with clear information on the grant aid that is appropriate to you. We can jointly agree what you can sensibly apply for and be realistic about the amount of grant aid we think you will be able to attract. As a specialist in this area our success rate is high.

We will then work with you to complete the application process, through to a successful grant award.

We will agree with you, timescales and completion dates, so as to ensure that the control and the pace of the process will always rest with you. You only pay us if you are completely happy with our service.

Our specialists will work with you from the start to finish by

  • Gathering information on your business.
  • Research which grants are available.
  • Validate all the information.
  • Work with you to identify the best grant for you.
  • Provide the funding body with all the required information.
  • Manage and monitor the post application process, to completion.

Our Promise

To provide you with clear and unambiguous information throughout the process.

  • We will set realistic timescales for obtaining the grant.
  • Gather all the information to meet all deadlines.
  • Support you every step of the way.

If you are thinking about applying for a grant but are not sure where to start then please do give us a ring on 01509 853779 or click here to send us an email