Business Turnaround

Our aim is

As specialists in business turnaround we aim to look into companies with fresh eyes and a completely open mind. Having this view we may spot problems that are not visible to the company owners.

We will

  • Conduct a thorough review of your financial situation.
  • Work alongside you offering independent advice and support.
  • Conduct a review of all the current workforce.
  • Support you with a re-structure or other unpopular decisions.
  • Advise on any insolvency issues that require urgent decisions.
  • Appease any creditors (anything else?)

Our Promise

  • We are truly independent and will not get drawn into a political agenda.
  • We will bring in other specialists as needed to support different aspects of business turnaround.
  • Offer solutions which may help the business to survive and support implementation.

If you are experiencing some financial difficulties in your business then do not hesitate get in touch with us. The quicker any problems are identified the easier they are to resolve. Call us on 01509 853779 or click here to send us an email