Starting Your Business

If you are starting a new business or still in the planning stage then you should contact us for a chat. We have worked with a lot of business startups and we know what a minefield it can be. Our friendly professional team are always happy to give advice and answer all the questions that are probably buzzing around in your head.

Starting a new business can make you feel excited, worried and lonely. Being a client of ours means that you need not be on your own. We encourage all of our clients to look upon us as the first people they contact when they have a business issue, or need any financial advice.

A few things for you to consider when starting out

  • What is the best business structure for you, Sole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership?
  • What is your pricing structure and how will you take payments for sale of goods/services?
  • Does your business plan and financial forecast stack up for your business to be a success?
  • Do you need to be VAT registered, if so how do the VAT returns work?
  • How can you access finance to start your business and are you eligible for Grant Aid?
  • What are your day to day responsibilities with regards your accounting?

How our business startup specialists can help you

Alba have their own business startup specialists who work closely with the local Business Advice Centres, Banks and other Professionals. We believe that our knowledge base and the other resources you will be able to access and use will help you to start your business properly and with confidence that you will prosper.

We have a number of startup packages which are tailored for different types of businesses and the amount of support you need.

The first stage is to get to know each other

  • To build a trusting relationship and so that we can work effectively together.
  • To gain an understanding of your business and support you with your business plan.
  • To agree the level of support you need and the timelines that you are working to.

The most important thing is that you are fully in control of all decisions. We offer advice and help you to make informed decisions and ensure that you are HMRC compliant.

Don’t spend time worrying about if you have all the information before you start your business. Give us a ring or pop in and see us. The kettle will be boiling and we always have chocolate biscuits! Call us on 01509 853779 or click here to send us an email