capital gains tax

What is Capital Gains Tax and when do I have to pay it?

When selling an asset, you might incur Capital Gains Tax. If the item's value has increased, you may be taxed on the increase, not the full sales value.
overdrawn directors' loan account

The Consequences of an Overdrawn Directors’ Loan Account

A Directors’ Loan Account is a record of any money a company director takes out of the Company other than salary, expenses or dividends.
Landlords - records to keep

Landlords – this will help you decide which records to keep

In order to submit your accounts properly, you need to keep the right records. Below you will find which records to keep and how long to keep them for.
VAT schemes

Two VAT Schemes for smaller businesses - Cash Accounting and Flat Rate VAT

HMRC have developed a variety of VAT schemes that can save the business owner time and money and enhance cash flow. We explain two of them.
Paternity pay and leave

Expectant Fathers – what are the rules for paternity leave and paternity pay in the UK?

Even though dads in countries like Sweden and Germany have more generous rights when it comes to paternity leave and paternity pay, ours are pretty good.
maternity pay and leave

What are the rules for Maternity Pay and Maternity Leave in the UK?

As a business you have to grant your eligible employees maternity leave and pay new mothers statutory maternity pay. But what are the figures in detail?
company van tax

What are the rules surrounding the company van tax?

Did you know that if you let your employees use the company van privately you have certain tax and national insurance as well as reporting obligations?
holiday entitlement

Do you know all the rules surrounding your statutory holiday entitlement?

Taking annual leave from your job is not only a “nice to have”, it’s a legal right. But what is the statutory holiday entitlement and what are the rules?

Is a partnership the right business type for you?

When you start a business, you have to do everything alone. So, many choose to set up a business with someone else, in the form of a Partnership.
company car vs cash alternative

Which is more beneficial for an employee, a company car or the cash alternative?

As an employee, which is more beneficial, driving a company car or taking a cash alternative and having your business mileage paid by the company?